Here are actual client case studies:
  • A CFO required support from an on-demand CISO to develop IT and Security Strategy and assist in technology decision making
  • An organisation had cyber security concerns and wanted to conduct an independent security review of the infrastructure and third party access
  • An organisation had undergone rapid expansion and the current infrastructure needed to better align with the business
  • An organisation had little or no network documentation (and hence no network visibility) making intelligent decision making almost impossible
  • Critical systems are unknown on the network and may not be adequately secured leaving the business exposed
  • An Australian organisation with presence overseas was concerned about GDPR regulation
  • An organisation is about to undergo a network refresh and a “current state” network review is required
  • A Venture Capital firm is acquiring a new company and requires a security review of potential takeover candidate
  • IT and security-related costs appear to be expensive relative to the business size
  • An organisation is considering a Cloud-first approach and requires experienced cost analysis and guidance

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Cyber Security
  • Review existing “current state” network infrastructure
  • Perform risk assessment for cloud-based and on-premise environments
  • Identify network vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Identify critical traffic flows
  • Provide comprehensive Security Report with recommendations
  • Provide a technology roadmap
  • IT strategy and planning
  • Optimise technology to improve business process and ROI
  • Manage and define IT policies, standards and governance
  • Assist business to make important technology decisions
  • Demonstrate how IT can deliver value to the business
  • Understand how technology best fulfils company needs
  • Review efficiency of current systems, security and DR
  • Provide business case for technology procurement
  • Ensure operational and strategic efficiencies
  • Establish architectures to support digital
  • Align IT systems with business objectives
  • Analyse and document IT business risk
  • Manage infrastructure and operations
  • Drive business innovation through IT
  • Third party vendor management
Cloud Computing
  • Review existing “current state” infrastructure for cloud opportunities
  • Create secure cloud design to satisfy business requirements
  • Assist business with secure cloud migration (where applicable)
  • Perform cloud cost-analysis to gauge application suitability
  • Educate business about cloud risks and opportunities
PCI DSS Consulting
  • Assist organisations towards PCI DSS compliance
  • Define Cardholder Data Flows and Cardholder Data Environments (PCI DSS)
  • Assist organisations towards PCI DSS compliance.