Cyber Security

Secure and optimise

network infrastructure to reduce risk.

Cloud Analysis

Secure and optimise Cloud

Applications and services.

Network Analysis

Secure and optimise network

infrastructure to reduce costs.

Could your business benefit from the experience of a CISO without the associated full-time cost?

An on-demand/Virtual CISO can provide the benefits of a dedicated CISO, at a fraction of the cost and on an as-needs basis.

A security-focused, Virtual CISO delivers the following services and benefits:


  • Undertake a current state architecture review to determine current capabilities, identify risks and compliance limitations
  • Present a technology security road map to ensure business technology can satisfy current and future business requirements within the risk appetite
  • Analyse, document and identify business IT security risks
  • Optimise existing technology and security control to improve business process and mitigate risk
  • Assist business to make important technology decisions
  • Demonstrate and effectively communicate how Information Security can deliver business value securely
  • Provide a business case for technology procurement
  • Align IT systems with business objectives
  • Drive business innovation through secure IT selection
  • Effectively manage third party vendors and stakeholders
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M-Net Solutions was established in January 1997. We provide independent, vendor-agnostic and unbiased

Cyber Security Consulting Services. Our mission is to understand your business objectives and provide clear and

concise secure IT strategies to improve and secure business process. More

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We analyse and document business processes, define business IT and security strategy, secure and optimise

network infrastructure to reduce risks, optimise productivity and reduce IT and business costs…More

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